Tuesday, 15 February 2011


The Chequers, in Chequer Lane, and The Volunteer at Guilton are the only pubs left in the village now.
High running costs and cut-price competition from supermarkets have forced many pubs across east Kent to close.
Yet 40 years ago, there seemed to be a pub on almost every corner of Ash. As you came in from Canterbury, there was The Volunteer, The Chequers, then The Ship and The Lion about 100 yards apart on opposite sides of The Street.
As you headed out of the village towards Sandwich, you passed The First and Last. If you took the other fork in the road towards Wodnesbrough, you soon came to The Crooked Billet on New Street.
Houses now stand on the sites of The Ship, The First and Last and The Crooked Billet.
The Lion became an Indian restaurant, Lagaan, until it was seriously damaged by fire in January 2009.

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