Sunday, 22 January 2012


Ash Heritage Centre on the Village Hall

This is now built and is administered by Ash Heritage group, a charity which depends entirely for its sustainability on the supporter members and help and encouragement from the Parish council and Village Hall management team.
As a supporter member you will receive notice of all our talks and activities, most of which are also open to the public, as our main aim is to conserve Ash Heritage and raise public awareness of our heritage.
To achieve this we rely on your financial support. If you can also offer some voluntary help that is an added bonus.
We need volunteers to help man the centre when it is open and become involved. Please sign and return the slip below to the treasurer or any committee member.
Treasurer Graham Foat Upper Goldstone Farm, Cop St , Ash
Tel 01304 812121


I wish to become a supporter of the Heritage Group and enclose £5


Print name here--------------------------------




I am willing to offer time to help man the Heritage Centre.[tick]


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