Wednesday, 8 February 2012


We're aiming to mount a display for the Village Hall Centenary in May.
Any material relating to events held in the Hall (below, right) which could be lent for display would be very welcome. Please contact Ann Foat on 01304 812121.
Meanwhile, we're starting to collate and catalogue all the material we've collected so far. Groups will be working on Mondays 10-11.30am, Mondays from 7pm and Saturdays from 10am to 12 noon.
If you're interested in helping and have not already been contacted, please tell Ann Foat on 812121 or Cressida Williams (
The Heritage Centrte will be open on Saturday mornings from March 3 onwards. Come and have a look!


Our next event is an illustrated presentation by Richard Filmer on Traditional Kentish Trades, Crafts and Industries.
This will be held in the Village Hall on Thursday, March 22, starting at 7.30pm, with coffee and raffle to follow.
If you have any interesting photographs, artefacts or memorabilia of Ash industrial, craft or agricultural past, please bring them to the meeting for display.


The lease on the Heritage Centre will soon be signed and there will be solicitor's fees to pay.
It's estimated that the running costs will be approximately £1,000 p.a. The Parish Council is very generously donating £500 towards this - but we have to find the rest, as well as pay for future projects.
Our supporter members have been very generous and helped the project go this far.
If all supporter members keep up to date with their yearly donations - plus revenue from talks, books and items like tea towels - we should be sustainable, as the present balance shows.

Balance at 30 September 2011: £358.19
Expenditure since AGM: £924
Income since AGM: £1983
Balance at 7th February 2012: £1417

Remember, we will shortly receive the solicitor’s bill.