Monday, 21 October 2013


by our chair, Ann Foat

It's good to say that 2013 has been another successful year!
The cataloguing is going well. Most of the photographs, deeds, artefacts and material from village organisations have been sorted. We can now cope with more. If you have any interesting photos or material, we'd love to see them!
We're open every Saturday morning from 10am to 12 noon, so please visit the Heritage Centre - and view us on
Our March lecture by Dr Mark Curthoys gave a fascinating insight into local people featured in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
The visit to Paramour Grange - courtesy of Mr and Mrs Ceschi - to see the painted room was much appreciated by a party of Heritage supporters in the spring.
A trip to the Centre by a senior class from Cartwright and Kelsey school was much enjoyed, both by them and the members who helped with the visit. The children saw an exhibition on the history of Ash and played a 'lucky dip' with some of our more interesting artefacts.
They also completed a 'heritage walk' led by one of our members, to see the changes in the buildings from Queens Road junction to New Street junction. The results of their visit were the wonderful models of some of the buildings - made by the children and displayed in the Centre.
National Heritage Day coincided with the Village Hall open day, enabling us to mount a small exhibition.
Heritage members also contributed to the St Nicholas Church open day in a dramatic way. Vignettes of people and events in Ash history were written by two of our committee and acted with vigour by group members and Ash Players. - not forgetting the children who took part. Costumes were fantastic and very colourful - like the Tudor lady's outfit (right)!
Our 'year' ends with the David Downes Memorial Lecture on October 24, given by Frank Andrews on the East Kent Light Railway.
Next year promises to be very busy. As well as our usual talks, we're commemorating the start of World War One with an exhibition which will turn the Village Hall into the VAD hospital (as seen in old photos), followed by a commemorative evening event.
Our other project is to enshrine for posterity a photographic record of Ash in 2014, featuring all aspects of the village scenery, businesses and activities.
This is a big project. If you're interested in helping with the photography in any way, please let us know!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Dr Frank Andrews will give this year's annual lecture and his subject is the East Kent Light Railway.
The railway is very much part of the village's heritage, as the Ash Halt station was at the bottom of Pudding Lane! 
A map of the East Kent Light Railway (line in purple) is on the right, showing stops at Staple, Ash Halt and Woodnesborough.
The lecture will take start at 7.30pm on Thursday, October 24, in the Village Hall. There'll be a display of material about the railway held by the Heritage Group. There will also be refreshments and a raffle.
If you have any memorabilia on the railway, please bring it along.
Map from, a great site for railway history enthusiasts!