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Krithia is a small village in Gallipoli, about four miles north of Cape Helles and the scene of several small battles for the possession of the village and the adjacent hill of Achhi Baba.
Neither was ever taken by the Allies, although there were periodical minor gains and losses.  The struggle for the two objectives is memorable, as the casualties sustained were out of all proportion to their tactical value.
The Gallipoli campaign brought about the loss of four men connected with the parish: Alfred Spratt, William Tomlin, Albert Holman and George Pilcher.

(5) Pte CH/8646 Alfred James SPRATT Deal Battalion Royal Marine light Infantry Royal Naval Division.

Alfred J. Spratt was the son of Charles Rowe Spratt a labourer, and Sarah Spratt, of Ash, and the husband of Hester Spratt, of Mill Cottage, Guilton, Ash.  He was one of fourteen children.  One of his sister’s Rose, was married to Ernest Holman (killed in action on 7th October 1916). 
He was killed in action on 30th June 1915 at the age of 43, during the Third Battle of Krithia during the Gallipoli campaign.  This battle saw massive Turkish losses as they strove to push the allied force from the peninsula during counter-attacks on 30th June and 2nd July.
He is believed to be buried in Redoubt Cemetery, Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey. 

(7) Corporal 27307 William Thomas TOMLIN 8th Battalion Welsh Regiment.

William Tomlin was the son of John and Charlotte A. Tomlin of 6 Goldstone Cottages, Ash.  He was born at Northbourne, and was the husband of Rose Tomlin.  He enlisted at Cardiff.
He was killed in action on Sunday 8th August 1915 at the age of 34.  His battalion had just taken part in the landing at Suvla Bay on 6th August, on the Gallipoli Peninsula and were ordered along with the rest of the division to advance towards the Anfarta Ridge.  Little progress was made due to stifling heat conditions, a shortage of water, and enemy snipers.
He is commemorated on the Helles Memorial, Turkey (panel 140-144).

(8) Pte 2133 Albert Philip HOLMAN, 13th Battalion Australian Infantry, Australian Imperial Forces.
Albert Philip Holman

Albert Philip Holman was the son of Filmer John Holman a labourer, and Alice Holman of 4 Lion Cottages, Ash.  He was one of seven children.  He was killed in action on 27th August 1915, at the age of 25.
His name is commemorated on the memorial in the Lone Pine Cemetery on the Gallipoli Peninsula. His eldest brother Company Sergeant Major Ernest Wilfred Holman Military Medal was killed in action 7th October 1916 during the closing stages of the battle of the Somme.  
A third brother Frank served in the Royal Engineers and happily survived. 



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