Tuesday, 6 December 2016


This has once again been a fruitful year for the Heritage Group. The autumn talk was given by Marguerite Lincoln from the Greenwich Maritime museum who told us about the girl from Ash who joined the navy in the eighteenth century  and served successfully as a man , even gaining a pension and retiring eventually to Greenwich once again as a woman. 
We entered a team once again in the Village Hall quiz and the W.I. quiz where good fun was had by all.
In the spring a visit to Uphousden was organised by kind invitation of Vaughan Grylls. This proved a most interesting visit. Old documents  were put out for our perusal and a tour of the house with an original kingpost arranged by Vaughan and  his wife. There were about 20 of us, and we all found the visit fascinating.
The Isle of Thanet Geographical Society came to the Heritage Centre in April and were given a whistle stop tour through the changes in the history of the village of Ash,  with the aid of our map collection , our photographs and our artefacts . They seemed to very much enjoy it.
Some of our maps were also on show for the launch of the Neighbourhood development Plan on April 30th combined with a newcomers welcome in Ash Village Hall.
In June we contributed to the celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday by presenting the main happenings in Ash in each decade of her reign. In this we were helped by some scouts and guides.
The work by the dedicated volunteers in the centre every week has continued. We have been digitising the photo collection and still cataloguing our own material which keeps on growing.
For example Mrs Jackie Hooker allowed us to copy the very interesting conveyancing documents she has concerning the turnpike cottage where she lives. These were especially interesting to your chair, as an ancestor first bought it when the turnpike stopped. 
We are now collecting the parish magazines. Any very early ones would be appreciated if anyone finds them in his/her attic.  We have also completed the sorting of the Goodnestone archive  for Julian Fitzwalter.
The log book of the VAD Hospital and an early book on Kent have been beautifully repaired by Canterbury Cathedral Archives. We have tried to answer quite a number of queries this year. One, for example, one involved a soldier who was at the VAD Hospital in the village hall.

We all owe our thanks to the committee who support everything that the group has done, and thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers - some of whom work on Monday mornings and some who give so much help to our IT needs.
The blogspot keeps going well and we are hoping to put some details of our catalogue on it soon. Lastly we must thank all our supporters who make the archive so successful.              
                         Ann Foat [chair]



Tuesday, 8 November 2016


You are invited to the Annual General Meeting of the Ash Heritage Group on Monday 28th November at 7.30p.m. in the library at Ash village hall.
It has been a busy and successful year once again with talks, and a very memorable day when some of us visited Uphousden at the kind invitation of Vaughan Grylls and his wife.
A very interesting visit from a class at Cartwright and Kelsey school to the centre took place this autumn
At the centre the artefacts and materials continue to be collated.  We have a splendid short DVD of the  history of Ash which we hope to show at the AGM. Do join us if you can.
The yearly donations of £5, or more if you wish, are due at this time for 2017.
Please complete the form below and send it to our treasurer, Graham Foat, Upper Goldstone farm, Cop St, Ash CT3 2DN  or give it to a member of the committee---Penny Bernard, Alison Charles,  Peter Ewart, Ann Foat, Sarah Miller, Sylvia Proffitt, Rebecca Smith, Nina Vallack, Cressida Williams.
If you can gift aid your donation, please complete the attached form, if you can do it for future donations it would be helpful and you need not fill in the form again.
                                          The Heritage Committee

I enclose £------  as my yearly donation as a supporter of Ash Heritage Group.


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Saturday, 24 September 2016


'The Norman Invasion of 1066' is the subject of the Heritage Group's annual autumn talk and will commemorate the 950th anniversary of the invasion.
It will be presented by Paul Dalton of Christchurch University, who will explore the route of the invasion and the rationale behind it.
The talk will be held in Ash Village Hall on October 6. It starts at 7.30pm and entry costs £3.
There will be a book stall and refreshments, as usual.
The Heritage Centre will also be open during the evening if anyone wants to take a browse.

Monday, 30 May 2016


SUNDAY JUNE 12 - There will be a Thanksgiving Service in the Church at 10.30a.m. ALL WELCOME

Followed by...

A STREET PARTY WITH A TWIST FOR ALL ASH RESIDENTS in the Village Hall from 12 noon-2p.m.

This will be a Bring and Share Lunch organised by the Parish Council. Bring a plate of finger food, savoury or sweet, to share in a buffet. Bring it on a disposable plate or a container.

Tea, coffee and squash will be provided. Otherwise bring your own glasses and drink . The hall will be open at 9.30a.m. if you want to bring food along early.



Monday, 28 March 2016


Mr and Mrs Vaughan  Grylls have kindly agreed to host a visit to their home at Uphousden, a former hall house dating back to the 14th century. This will be on Monday April 25th at 3p.m.  Numbers will be limited. Please tell me Ann Foat as soon as possible if you wish to come - by email to agfoat@gmail.com or phone  01304812121.


  Following the October talk by Marguerite Lincoln - on Mary the lady shipwright from Ash - we were busy using the Womens Institute archives to create a celebration for their 75th birthday.
  This proved to be a very successful production, generating considerable historic interest as we traced the W.I. from 1946 to the present day. The many social and economic changes since World War Two were very evident.
  Heritage Group members who are also in the W.I. helped to write and act the production.
  It is vital that we use our archives and not just store them, so if you have any ideas for exhibitions or other uses of our archives please let the committee know.
  The March talk was very different, looking at the medieval folk commemorated in the church. Stephen Burke, the Master of Eliot College at Kent University, brought those medieval times to life. He also brought facsimiles of medieval weapons and helmets that he had made himself.
  We are still continuing to sort material that comes in to the centre on Monday mornings, and have some material from Lord Fitzwalter of Goodnestone which we have promised to sort for him.
 We will have a presence on April 30th at the Parish Plan meeting and also at the Annual parish meeting.
 Please remember that the centre is open from 10am to 12 noon every Saturday morning.

Friday, 19 February 2016


The Group will hold a talk on Medieval Celebrities of Ash and Surrounds in the Village Hall on Thursday, March 3.
The speaker will be Stephen Burke, Master of Eliot College at Kent University. He'll also be displaying his collection of arms and weapons of the period, which members will be able to handle.
The event starts at 7.30pm and entry costs £3. There will be refreshments and a raffle, as usual.