Monday, 28 March 2016


  Following the October talk by Marguerite Lincoln - on Mary the lady shipwright from Ash - we were busy using the Womens Institute archives to create a celebration for their 75th birthday.
  This proved to be a very successful production, generating considerable historic interest as we traced the W.I. from 1946 to the present day. The many social and economic changes since World War Two were very evident.
  Heritage Group members who are also in the W.I. helped to write and act the production.
  It is vital that we use our archives and not just store them, so if you have any ideas for exhibitions or other uses of our archives please let the committee know.
  The March talk was very different, looking at the medieval folk commemorated in the church. Stephen Burke, the Master of Eliot College at Kent University, brought those medieval times to life. He also brought facsimiles of medieval weapons and helmets that he had made himself.
  We are still continuing to sort material that comes in to the centre on Monday mornings, and have some material from Lord Fitzwalter of Goodnestone which we have promised to sort for him.
 We will have a presence on April 30th at the Parish Plan meeting and also at the Annual parish meeting.
 Please remember that the centre is open from 10am to 12 noon every Saturday morning.

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